Monday, March 16, 2015

the one where I need patience

"So what's going on with your house? You haven't put anything on your blog!"

Oops. :)

I apologize for putting our story out there and then disappearing for a while. I think I've been really feeling the uncertainty of the selling process and have been hesitant to talk about it... or even let myself get excited about it. But God is still working. I should still be sharing.

So the update: 

I believe I last left you at, "We lost our buyer." We lost the house we put a contract on to buy, too. Sad. It was the perfect house on the perfect lot for us. Last lot in the neighborhood. If I'm being honest, it was pretty difficult for me to go from feeling like God was laying out all of these ideal plans for us to it all falling through. 

BUT a few weeks later, we had a new buyer! We began to look for a new house again, as well, but we were really struggling with the options. We had been told they could build the house we were originally going to buy in two other neighborhoods in town, but we didn't feel like we liked those areas as well as the original. After searching through our options, we gave in and went to visit one of the lots. AND. WE. LIKED. IT. Who knew?

With a new buyer and a new need to leave, we decided to buy a lot and build the same floor plan as the house we were originally set to buy. The best part? We get to make design selections! Dreamy. 

So now? We pack! And pack and pack and pack. And pray we get through closing. 

We are set to close on our sale in the beginning of April. Here's where I'm starting to see God's timing...

Our appraisal on our townhouse did not exactly go well. After closing on this house, we won't have the amount of money we thought we would for the down payment on our new house. But because our new house is a build instead of the one already built that we were going to buy, there's a 10-week period between closings where we will be homeless. Or houseless. But God has provided some great friends for us to stay with which will allow us to save what we need during that time. Provision.

Slowly but surely it is beginning to unfold. So we wait. And watch. (And pack.) Expectantly.