Sunday, April 19, 2015

the one with all the magic

If you know me--especially if you follow me on any social media, you probably know where we spent spring break.


Well, for a day anyway. I think that's technically just The Magic Kingdom's tagline. But "the happiest place on earth" doesn't go with my story. Hang with me.

Our trip truly was magical. It deserves its own post (and will get one soon), but today I just need to tell you about all that has unfolded in the past month... week... even just days! We spent a week in Florida experiencing the magic--the shows, the characters, the rides, the parades, the fun. The imagination involved in Disney World is something that always amazes me. I think I had several experiences, or watched my kids have them, that could only be described as "magical." There's a wonder to it all. It's like watching their minds discover things beyond their dreams.

That's how I feel about our life right now--"Beyond our dreams." I cannot believe the way things have unfolded for us. "Magical" might be a funny way to describe it. "Miraculous" is closer. Definitely God-designed. This also amazes me.

In my last update, I wrote about needing to bring in extra money before we close on our house this summer. Here's what's happened since then:

  • March 21-24 -- Moved out of our townhouse with the help of wonderful friends and family. We did not have to rent a truck or storage space - thanks to my super-generous parents and their attic!
  • March 25-April 1 --Had an incredible trip and didn't spend a dime out of our monthly budget. 
  • April 2 -- Closed on the sale of our townhouse. THANK YOU, JESUS!!
  • April 10-11 -- Held a very successful garage sale at my parents' house. Made much more than we expected and got rid of all our junk!
And here's the biggest turn of events: I'm going back to work. (WHAT!?) We have been searching for ways to make this thing happen, and I truly believe God placed this in our laps. He has worked it out perfectly. They called last week from the school I taught at for the past 7 years and asked me if I would take an interim for the last 6 weeks of school for a teacher who is leaving. The last 6 weeks of school? The best part of the whole year? You mean, I get to review for state testing? My favorite thing? (No really, it is. I know I'm strange.) No new curriculum? No big assignments to grade? Only 2 weeks until testing and then I am home free?  I AM IN!

I started on Thursday. (I told you it was quick!) Let's look at life right now - We are living with friends. I'm back at work. Darin's picking up on-call shifts in west TN on the weekends (and we go with him). We might be just a tad bit scattered right now! But we are having fun and hanging on to the temporary craziness and thanking God for the opportunities and watching Him piece together this whole plan miraculously. It's magical - in the best way possible. Beyond anything we imagined.